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Icons of Animation
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In this brief, introductory post, let’s talk DNA. 

Rhetorically speaking, if we were to sequence animation’s DNA, what would the genome look like?  Assuredly, it would be comprised of iconic characters, films, cartoonists, and production studios.  In January 2022, a considerable amount of that genome will be featured in the forthcoming exhibition, Icons of American Animation. Winsor McCay, Pixar, Koko the Clown, Porky Pig, Gerald McBoing Boing, Tex Avery, Scooby Doo, Snow White, Terrytoons, Fred Flintstone, The Simpsons, Ub Iwerks, Fritz the Cat, and many more pieces of “genetic material” will be on display.  The exhibit will also reflect the animation process, with artwork that includes everything from conceptual art to storyboards to key frames to the well-known cels and backgrounds.  With 150+ pieces of original animation art, the exhibit promises to be one of the largest presentations of its kind.  In short, the DNA. 

In the coming 12 months, I invite you to return periodically for a conversation about everything animation.  And, since this is a conversation, I also invite you to contact us and offer your insights. 

Thank you.